Exploit the Stars

Welcome to ETHERNAUTS, a game of ruthless capitalism and not-so-peaceful space exploration.


Make real-world profit

Own a piece of an expanding galaxy. Starships, Manufacturers, Factories, Upgrades, and Sectors of the galaxy itself are up for grabs.

Explore an ever-changing galaxy

Explore every Sector of known space. Find salvage from modern corporations and civilizations long gone. Keep what you need to upgrade your fleet and sell the rest to other players.

Learn from your mistakes

Upgrade your Starships to explore the galaxy more quickly, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Conquer the marketplace

Every item is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can’t lose it, and it can never be taken away.

Play on multiple levels

Own a Sector and take a cut of every discovery. Own a Manufacturer and make money on every new Starship sale. Own a Starship and lease it to other players. Lease a Starship and find salvage to sell. Upgrade ships for the market. There are countless ways to make money in a galaxy this size.